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Growth Success Team

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Drive China business growth by evolving, landing and expanding industry-specific solutions and products. Bring digitalization values to our users by offering across professional disciplines and life cycle stages comprehensive solutions and expert services.

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About us: 

New Business Growth is the key indicator to measure our business performance. In China, we have 3-level business strategy: to grow in enterprise accounts, growth market and volume market. "Growth Success Team" led by Xuehui Gong include expert teams that support both solution-based and product-based selling. One significant change we introduced to the solution teams is the separation of “modeling-centric solutions” which are more discipline-specific and “system solutions” where we expect to expand our core strength from “utilizing” the data in the model. Another critical priority for the team is to improve the regional-operated user success programs to increase account loyalty and mitigate attrition. This team is structured in a way in which we can capture the expansion opportunities beyond modeling solutions such as construction, digital hand-over etc.

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